Custom Assessments overview and FAQs

Custom Assessments overview

Rhithm's Custom Assessment builder allows you to create your own assessments for use with your students and staff. Much like the essential Rhithm wellness check-in, participants will receive a video activity after completing the check-in, and their data will be visible from both the in-app dashboard and Rhithm Insights.

In addition to choosing the contents of an assessment, you can also customize its availability settings, such as:

  • Who can initiate the assessment

  • The assessment's recommended audience

  • The participating schools

  • And more!

🚀 For instructions on how to create and customize an assessment, see here!

By default, District Administrators are able to create custom assessments, and our team can turn on this feature for Campus Administrators by request.

❗Note: Custom Assessments are a part of the Hero package. For more information on Rhithm package tiers, please reach out to your district's Account Manager.

FAQs and best practices

How will people complete my custom assessment?

Similar to the standard Rhithm wellness check-in, a custom assessment can be launched as a live session or scheduled ahead of time from the Events calendar.

  • When initiating a live session, you'll select the assessment you want to launch after selecting participants.

  • When scheduling an event, you'll see all available assessments listed next to the calendar. You can drag the assessment onto the calendar or select it from a drop-down menu while customizing the event.

Can I edit an assessment?

You can edit the question and answer options if no one has completed the assessment. Once the assessment has been completed at least once, the questions/answers are no longer able to be edited. You'll still be able to edit some settings, such as the schools, grade levels, and roles that can launch the assessment.

Note: Need to correct something on an assessment that's already been completed by a student? Reach out to Rhithm support ( for assistance.

Can people who don't belong to the selected grade ranges or roles for an assessment still complete it?

Yes! If a participant falls outside of the recommended assessment settings a warning will be displayed, but you'll still be able to send them the assessment.

How can I view custom assessment results?

You can view results directly from your Rhithm dashboard by selecting "Diverse list view". More information is available here!

You can also view custom assessment results in Rhithm Insights. 📈

What should I choose for the regulation spectrum?

If the answer selection is clearly aligned to low, high, or optimal energy, select which option matches best to ensure students receive a matching video activity after.

If your custom assessment doesn't correlate with emotional regulation, we recommend choosing "Optimal energy (Green)" for all selections, as this will ensure students get a lesson or a practice video that's regulating in either direction.

Will students still receive a video activity after completing a custom assessment?

Yes! Students will receive a video based on the "Regulation Spectrum" settings specified for the answer options in the assessment.

💡 Tip: If you do not want students to receive a video after check-in, you can choose "Play activity on my device" when starting the live session or creating the event. This will play the video on your device instead of students'.

What should I use for the "Labels"?

When creating an assessment, the "Label" field controls how the answers will be organized when exporting data or viewing Insights. For custom assessments, we recommend using a brief 1-3 word identifier for the question so that it is easily referenced when viewing your data. We also recommend using labels consistently across similar assessments.

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