Using Pre-Built Assessments

Similar to the essential Rhithm assessment, you can share Pre-Built Assessments with your students via a live session or scheduled event. After which you can view session data directly on your dashboard.

❗ Pre-Built Skill and Climate Assessments are currently available with

the Rhithm Pro and Rhithm Hero plans.

Launching or scheduling a session

Campus and district administrators can launch a Pre-Built Assessment in one of two ways:

  1. With a live session

  2. By scheduling an event

Live sessions

After clicking "Get in Rhithm" and choosing the audience for the session, you can choose which assessment you'd like to launch.

Scheduled events

When scheduling an event, you can include a Pre-Built Assessment in one of two ways. You'll see a list of all available assessments on the left-hand list. Drag and drop the assessment you'd like to schedule directly onto the calendar.

Alternatively, you can click "+Schedule" then select the assessment from the dropdown menu as shown below.

Viewing assessment data

From your dashboard, click "Diverse List View" under your Rhithm Trends to view data for all Pre-Built and Custom Assessments.

Click 'Filter" to reveal filtering options for the data browser. If you'd like to view data for a specific assessment, you can choose that assessment from the "Assessments" dropdown.

💡 You can also export this data using the "Export Reports" feature. More information on this is available here.

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