Rhithm's TEKS Alignment

  1. What are TEKS

  2. What “TEKS-aligned” means

  3. How to locate TEKS videos in the Toolkit

1. TEKS is short for Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills.

They are state standards for K-12 education within the state of Texas. TEKS cover all subject areas including math, science, and language arts, as well as positive character traits, which is our focus at Rhithm, given their natural overlap with social-emotional learning and well-being.

There are 4 primary “strands” and 25 total positive character traits, listed below.

  • Trustworthiness: loyalty, integrity, reliability, and punctuality.

  • Responsibility: accountability, perseverance, diligence, and self-control.

  • Caring: kindness, empathy, charity, generosity, patience, consideration, and compassion.

  • Citizenship: respect, courtesy, concern for the common good and the community, fairness, freedom from prejudice, justice, patriotism, school pride, respect for authority and law, and gratitude.

Additional information on TEKS character traits can be found here.


2. Rhithm’s activity & lesson videos are TEKS-aligned.

This means, our team of clinicians has considered each video against the TEKS positive character traits, and tagged each video with the character traits that video supports.

A majority of our activities designed for self-regulation (calm or energy) are aligned with the TEKS character trait self-control, under the strand of Responsibility.

Many videos are aligned with more than one positive character trait. In particular, our “Knowledge” videos are more likely to have multiple character traits ascribed to them. For example, “Knowing When to Share” is aligned with Caring: Kindness, Caring: Charity, Caring: Generosity, and Citizenship: Courtesy.

We have created a crosswalk that shows an example of how our videos align across the positive character traits and different grade bands. This is merely a suggestion; the teacher or counselor can determine how each TEKS-aligned piece of content may best fit into their own lesson or treatment plans.


3. How to locate TEKS videos in the Toolkit

You can access all of our student videos in the Rhithm Toolkit, located on the left-hand menu after logging into Rhithm.


Once the Toolkit opens in a separate tab, you can filter by TEKS under “Framework”.


If you’d like, click here for a quick video on how to find and filter for TEKS-aligned video.

In addition, a comprehensive article explaining all the uses of the Rhithm Toolkit can be found here.

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