How does Aware work?

Securly's student wellness monitoring software, Securly Aware, is an advanced AI-driven tool designed to protect student safety and student wellness in the digital space. Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Securly Aware meticulously scans and analyzes students' digital footprint, including school-managed email and collaboration platforms such as Gmail, Outlook 365, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams Chat, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Its scanning capabilities detect concerning content like cyberbullying, self-harm, violence, and grief, thereby allowing student services teams to understand which students are at risk and need immediate intervention.

In addition to text analysis, Securly Aware employs robust algorithms for identifying inappropriate visual content. This includes the detection of nudity in images and videos shared via Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Aware also leverages sophisticated natural language processing and sentiment analysis algorithms, enabling it to discern the context and sentiment of messages with remarkable accuracy. This nuanced approach sets Securly Aware apart from traditional keyword-based systems, significantly reducing the incidence of false positives.

To allow Aware to scan Gmail, schools must configure a mail router through their Google Workspace admin console. This setup facilitates forwarding copies of emails from the school's domain to Securly's secure servers for analysis. Our algorithms then meticulously scrutinize the content for indicators of self-harm, violence, bullying, grief, and nudity. Activities that do not contain any concerning content are promptly discarded, ensuring privacy and data minimization.

In instances where potentially concerning content is detected, the email is flagged and securely stored in our database. This enables school administrators to review the concerned messages through the Aware interface. Additionally, Aware triggers email alerts to school authorities, promptly informing them of any flagged activity.

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