Securly is not filtering anything on my network. What do I do to troubleshoot?

You may encounter little to no filtering on your network when using Securly for one of the following reasons:

  1. If you use Securly’s Chrome extension and have any other filtering extensions turned on simultaneously.
  2. You block all extensions except those that you allow explicitly, and Securly’s Chrome extension is not allowed.
  3. If you are a DNS customer and have any other form of filtering, including UTM web filtering, simultaneously enabled for your network.
  4. You have set up certain firewall rules that are blocking your traffic.


Chrome Extension

If you use Securly’s Chrome extension to ensure that any other filtering extensions are disabled and/or removed. Also, ensure that the Securly Chrome extension is enabled.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. Verify that the Slider is turned On and the Securly Extension is enabled(Background option is depends on settings) .
  3. Turn off the Slider for any other filtering extensions.  

DNS filtering

  1. Make sure that all your public IP addresses are registered with Securly.
  2. Make sure that your DNS is pointing to Securly. If not, manually change the DNS on your computer and point it to your regional cluster on Securly.

Other web filters and firewalls

Check your web filtering and firewall logs to ensure that you are not filtering or performing SSL decryption with another solution. For example, enabling DNS Rebinding Attack Prevention (SonicWall) on firewalls can cause filtering problems where sites are not getting blocked. Also, Meraki APs in DNS mode can cause problems with DNS filtering because they act as DNS forwarders which prevents DNS filtering from working correctly.

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