How to avoid errors when signing up for Securly with G Suite credentials?


Signing up for Securly’s web filtering product, Auditor, or Classroom by Securly with your G Suite credentials is quick and easy. However, sometimes you may encounter some errors during sign up primarily due to permission restrictions.

Some G Suite related errors you may encounter are:

  1. This domain was already registered.
  2. Must be a super admin
  3. Account primary domain must belong to super-admin.
  4. Must be a valid subdomain.  
  5. Google API access needs to be enabled.

To avoid facing such errors:

  1. Ensure that the domain you use during sign up has not been previously used for signing up for Securly’s web filtering product. You can only sign up once with a particular domain. When faced with this error you can navigate to and click ‘Login’ to log in to your Securly account directly.


  1. Ensure that you are assigned the Super Admin role, or that the credentials you use to sign up belong to your G Suite Super Admin. (Learn more about a Super Admin here.)
  2. Ensure that the subdomain you enter is a valid subdomain of your primary domain. For example, if your primary domain is ‘’, a valid subdomain would be ‘’. However, ‘’ would be an invalid subdomain.
  3. Ensure that you have enabled the ‘Enable API Access’ field in your G Suite Admin Console. To check if this field is enabled log in to your G Suite Admin Console and navigate to Security > API Reference. If this checkbox is not selected you would not be able to sign up for Securly.



To sign up for Securly click here.

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