Why should I use Filter by Securly app?


Web filtering for iPads can be tricky. PAC files, which have been the long-running filtering method offered by web filter vendors for iOS devices, cause headaches. We have a new solution!

PAC files cause headaches because of the way traffic gets proxied. The PAC file starts with what domains you wish to bypass and ends with a default PROXY statement. That means anything that isn’t explicitly bypassed gets sent to the proxy. Many sites and apps are configured to not work via proxy.  

Securly’s new filtering method for iPads will leverage an iOS app. The app is based on Apple’s iOS content filter. In order to provide our unique student safety controls which scan Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google+ for cyber-bullying, grief, and self-harm, we are also including a new PAC file which will only send these four domains to proxy. These domains have been tested with proxy extensively. Everything else on the entire Internet will be filtered via the iOS app.

Here are some reasons why you should install it now!

  1. Install and forget approach - you don’t need to edit any PAC files or worry about updates
  2. Faster browsing experience as compared to PAC file alternative
  3. Uses network extensions - an Apple recommendation for content filtering
  4. One-time login experience - Except for FaceBook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google+ the user doesn’t need to login except for the first time

Note that the app is compatible with iOS  10 and 11.


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