What is restricted control?


As online mediums of learning and entertainment become mainstream, the need to monitor kids online activities and protect them from harmful content and malicious websites has increased. Schools and parents can partner to ensure student safety. Securly’s parent portal facilities parent participation while deferring to schools to decide its nature.  


The school policies would determine the level of control you get over your kid’s off-site internet settings. If the school decides to give you restricted control to manage your kid’s off-site settings, you can expect the following:

  • Create your own Deny list for websites that your kid cannot access off-site
  • Website categories blocked by the school cannot be edited and allowed by you off-site
  • Browsing settings enabled by school policy cannot be disabled by you for off-site access

The parent portal is a great opportunity to join hands with your school in ensuring online student safety and inculcating values of digital citizenship in kids.     

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