Can the admin override sites approved by the temporary allow feature?


Whenever a student encounters a blocked page, a user with approval rights can unblock/allow that site for all users on that same public IP. To learn more about how temporarily allowed sites work, click here.

The admin can view a site so approved by navigating to the ‘Allow/Deny’ list in Global Settings.      Nucleus UI view

Global_setting.pngOlder UI view


Override the approved sites:

  1. Login to your Securly Admin Portal.
  2. Navigate to the Policy Editor > Global settings, and click ‘Allow/Block’.
  3. To view the list of allowed sites, click the ‘Allow’ radio button.
  4. Active approved sites will be listed with the corresponding public IP address below it. Note that Entries TWL_TTL will expire after the time set in the global settings.
  5. Click the trash can icon to delete the site from the Allow list and override the approval of the site. Nucleus UI view Global_setting_2.pngOlder UI viewttl_updated.jpg

The sites will now appear blocked. 


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