How is user activity displayed under the Reports tab?

All user activity logged by the Securly web filter is available to you in your Securly account. The "Reports" tab displays all blocked and accessed sites, searches, videos, etc. To help you understand how students are utilizing their devices and time online, identify time sinks, understand search patterns, etc. Reports are also available to delegated admins and parents for their specific OUs or kids and help them keep track of their activity at all times.

To view user activity reports:

  1. Log in to Securly Filter or Securly Aware.
  2. Navigate to the "Activities" tab > All Activities > Blocked
  3. The blocked activity results will be displayed as default. The blocked activity reports will display all recent activity, sites visited, keywords searched, and articles searched & visited on Wikipedia.* To view accessed activity, select 'Allowed' from the dropdown.


  4. You can filter the results by category, policy, and date to get as granular a view of the reports as required.


  1. The most recent activity is displayed under the ‘Recent’ tab. Here you will also find a "block" icon against each entry. You can click this icon to block the site if necessary. If you use a policy search filter, it will add the site to the global denial or at the policy level. Note that this differs from the blocked/allowed dropdown at the top of the page, which determines which results are displayed.


  1. Similar to how you block sites via the Reports tab, you can also allow sites here by clicking the ‘allow’ button. Note that the ‘allow’ button will not be displayed for ‘Default policy’ users.

Note that the website will only allow for the policy for which you have set the filter. If you have applied the 'All Policies' filter and block/allow a site it will be added to the Global Allow/Deny list.

  1. The "Sites" tab will list all the websites visited.
  2. The "Videos" tab will list all YouTube videos that the user searched for and watched.  videos.png
  1. The "Searches" tab lists the keywords that the student searched for.
  2. The "Wiki" tab lists what the student searched for or viewed specifically on Wikipedia.
  3. The "Social" tab will display all activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Please note that all activities will be listed here. All flagged activity is listed under the ‘Flagged’ tab separately.
  4. For details about each entry, you can mouse over the dots on the right-hand side to the display category under which it was blocked and the public IP address that attempted to access it.notice.png
  1. You can also download user reports by clicking on "Reports". For details, click here.

*Note that YouTube videos and Social Media activity are not displayed under the blocked activity log. If a video is blocked, it will not be displayed to the user based on the YouTube settings, while a safe search on YouTube will further display only safe results. So no blocked videos have been reported. 

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