How to assign OUs to policies?


The Securly web filtering solution allows you to create customized policies for various groups of users in your school. Once you create a customized policy you need to assign individual OUs to it to begin filtering users in that OU as per policy.

Note that when you move your G Suite OUs to Securly they are automatically assigned the Default Policy. 

To assign OUs to policies:

  1. Log into your Securly admin console
  2. Navigate to Policy Map > Default Policy and select the OUs which you want to assign to a specific policy.
  3. Click ‘Move to Policy’ and select the policy from the drop-down there.


  1. The assigned OUs will appear white when viewed under the particular policy.


Note that OUs that have already been assigned to a particular policy will appear greyed out and cannot be selected.

5. You can move OUs from other policies in a similar manner.

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