How to set up delegated reporting?


We believe that in order for student activity data to be actionable, it should be accessible to the right people including teachers, counselors, parents*, etc. The school admin, therefore, has the ability to create delegated reporting groups and allow users access to student activity reports and email alerts. Click here to learn what information is accessible to Delegated Reporting Group users. 

Note: Only the super admin has the authority to create, edit, and delete Delegated Reporting Groups.

New Delegated Reporting Group

To create a delegated reporting group

  1. Log in to your Securly account
  2. Navigate to the Staff tab
  3. To create a new group click "Create a New Group." A pop-up will be launched where you enter the group name and the email(s) of the teacher, staff member, etc. separated by a comma.


  1. Note that you need to enter at least one email to create a group. 

  1. Select from the checkboxes for the tabs you want to allow the Delegated Reporting Group users to see when they log in.            DAforAuditor1.jpg
  2. To enable Delegated Reporting Users to receive blocked activity email alerts and flagged activity email alerts for Filter, first select the "Configure Email Alerts" button and then select the relevant checkboxes. You can also choose which types of emails should be sent - those for flagged sentiments, flagged sites or flagged keywords. You can choose all three and the delegated reporting user will receive email alerts of all such activities for their assigned OUs.                         DAforAuditor6.jpg
  3. If you are an Auditor+ user, you will also be able to create Custom Email Alerts and delegate monitoring of flagged Auditor activity. Click here to learn how to set up Custom Email Alerts. DAforAuditor2.jpg

Add Permission to View OUs

Once the new delegated reporting group has been created, you need to assign OUs to the group. The delegated reporting user would be displayed reports only for students belonging to those OUs.


Add Users to a Group

To add a staff member or teacher to an existing group, click 'Add User'. A pop-up will be launched, where you can enter the email(s) of the teacher, staff member, etc. separated by a comma.


*To learn more about parent’s access to their kid’s activity click here.

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