How to begin using parent settings?


Any school that has signed up for the parent portal can begin using the Parent Settings. The Parent Settings allow school IT Admins to give parents control over their child’s online activity at home.

Please note that the school IT Admin has control over which settings can be modified by parents and can be changed at the Admin’s discretion.

To begin using Parent Settings as a school IT admin:
1. Log in to your Safety Console.
2. a. If you have already uploaded the parent CSV to begin sending student activity reports to parents, navigate to the ‘Parents’ tab in your Admin UI.
    b. If you have not yet uploaded the CSV, navigate to the ‘Parent’ tab and upload your CSV. Once you upload the CSV, you will start seeing the Parent Settings.

Nucleus UI view

parentsettings_nucleus.jpg Older UI viewparentsettings_1.jpg
(For tips on how to successfully upload the CSV, refer to the article here.)
3. You can now begin using parental settings to give parents control over their child’s online activity at home.

How to use Parent Settings as a parent:
1. Log in to the Parent Portal by navigating to and logging in as a parent. (Check out this video to learn more about the Parent Portal.)
2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab.


3. Depending on how your school IT admin has configured the parent settings, you will be able to modify the settings for your child. (For details on how to modify settings, click here.)

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