Why does the student take-home login page display two login options?

Whenever a student starts a new browsing session at home, he is required to log in to Google or Azure AD to allow Securly to capture user-specific activity. This is essential to generate student-specific reports and help teachers act upon flagged activities accurately.

Before Securly launched Azure AD authentication support, a student was displayed on the standard Google 'Choose an account' page. But with Azure AD available to schools, a new page with two login options is displayed.

How does this impact your login behavior?

1. Depending upon the authentication mechanism used by the schools, the student should select either 'Login with Google' or 'Login with Microsoft Azure AD'.

2. If the student selects 'Login with Google' they will be directed to the Google 'Choose an account' page from where they can log in to their Google account.


Students can log into their Google or Azure AD accounts using these two simple steps and stay protected from inappropriate content and cyberbullies on the internet.


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