How to set up Office 365 Azure AD with Securly?


Securly supports single sign-on using Azure AD, in addition to authentication via G-Suite and Microsoft AD. This gives schools a wider array of authentication options depending upon the devices and environments they use.

Securly Azure AD Pre-requisites:

  1. Server available for Securly to install IIS.  This server will be used as the Identity Provider( IdP)
  2. Azure AD Connect should be set up to upload users to from local Active Directory to Azure. 
  3. All Windows and Mac computers are joined to the domain.

Note: Securly does not recommend installing Securly Azure AD on a server already running an IIS.

Install Steps:

  1. Depending on which IIS version the Securly Windows server, deploy the appropriate script to your environment. The script can be found in the zip file from your Sales Engineer.
  2. Allow the execution of unsigned scripts by entering the following at Elevated/Administrative PowerShell - " Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted "
  3. Depending on OS version and Azure sync filed choose the correct directory.
  4. Then run azure-setup.ps1.
  5. The script will install IIS, Enable Windows Authentication & set permissions.
  6. Once deployed verify that the site and file are accessible from clients on your network in the format - http://<servername>/securlysso/securlysso.aspx
  7. Now fetch OUs by going to - http://<servername>/securlysso/DebugFetchOUs.aspx?domain=<schooldomain>
  8. Support can now onboard your account. 
  9. You will now be able to log into Securly Administrator console at
  10. Anyone that is a Global Administrator in Azure will be able to login to Securly. 
  11. In the Securly Admin User Interface go to Global Settings.
  12. The Global Settings will have Intranet Address field that shows an URL that matches the server name


Note: Please contact support before running any of these files. 

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