How to change email notification address for receiving alerts?


As a School Admin, you may want other individuals in the school such as the counselor or Principal to receive email notifications to keep them informed of the flagged activity related to cyberbullying, self-harm or grief detected by Auditor.

By default, you would receive such notifications on the email ID you used when signing up for Securly. 

To change the email notification address:

  1. Navigate to the Account Setting page by clicking on the Account icon in the header.
  2. Add the email address that you want to send email notifications to in the ‘Change Notification Email’ box and click ‘Update’.


Note: If you already use the Securly web filter, changing the notification email ID for Auditor would change the notification email ID for the web filter as well, and vice versa.

Quick Tip: If you want to send email notifications to multiple email IDs we recommend that you a create a group containing those email IDs and provide the group ID in the Account Settings.

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