How to install Auditor for Gmail?


To begin scanning emails using Auditor by Securly, you would need to change certain settings and configure an additional route in your Google Admin Console. Creating a new route would route all emails sent or received by students in an OU to Auditor’s monitoring servers. Auditor would then scan all these emails using Sentiment Analysis and send alerts to your Auditor Dashboard. This document will walk you through the process of setting up the new route necessary for the proper functioning of Auditor by Securly.

Note: Ensure that you have whitelisted in your G Suite and can receive emails from Securly in your inbox. Without this, your Auditor setup will fail as you will not receive the test email from us which indicates that Auditor has started scanning emails. To learn more about this setting, click here.

Setup Steps

    1. Sign up for Auditor by navigating to   
    2. Login to your Google Admin Console setup1.jpg
    3. Navigate to Apps > G Suite > Gmail setup2.jpg
    4. The ‘Setting for Gmail’ page would be displayed. setup3.jpg
    5. Scroll down and click ‘Advanced Settings’. setup4.jpg
    6. Go to the ‘Host’ tab and click ‘Add Route’. setup5.jpg
    7. Give an appropriate name to the route.
    8. Add email server as per your regional cluster. Your cluster will be displayed to you in the first screen of the setup wizard. auditorsetupnew.jpg
      • US East:
      • US West:
      • EU West:
      • Canada:
      • US East2:
      • APSE:
    9. Specify port number as ‘25’.
    10. Make sure that you un-check ‘Require TLS Delivery’ option and check ‘Perform MX Lookup on host’ option.
    11. Click ‘Save’. 

    12. Go to the ‘General Settings’ tab and select an OU for which you want Auditor to monitor emails.
    13. Scroll down the page to go to ‘Routing’ and click ‘Configure’. setup7.jpg
    14. Give the route a name and select all checkboxes under ‘Messages to affect’. setup8.jpg
    15. Check ‘Add more recipients’ under ‘Also deliver to’ and click ‘Add’. setup12.jpg
    16. Select ‘Advanced’ from the dropdown, and check the ‘Change route’ checkbox. Select the route you previously created from the drop-down instead of the ‘Normal route’. setup9.jpg   
    17. Uncheck the ‘Do not deliver spam to this recipient’ checkbox under ‘Spam and delivery options’.
    18. Check the ‘Add X-Gm-Spam and X-Gm-Phishy headers’ checkbox under ‘Headers’.
    19. Make sure not to check the ‘Remove attachments from message’ checkbox under ‘Attachments’ if you have also signed up for Auditor+. (Learn why.) If you are only an Auditor customer, check the checkbox for this field. 
    20. Click ‘Save’.


      Note: Please be careful to not uncheck or check the spam and attachment options that appear previous to the step where you ‘Add more recipients’. Checking ‘Bypass spam filter for this message’ in that instance will deliver spam messages to your inbox. Refer to screenshot below.

    1. Click ‘Add Settings’ to save the new route for the OU.
    2. Click ‘Save’ to finally save the route for the OU.
    3. To set up routing for other OUs, follow steps 12 to 22.

By following the setup guidelines above, you should be able to begin using Auditor by Securly to scan emails for your school immediately.

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