Release notes - July 22

Data Space for Aware

After the successful implementation of Data Space for Filter data, we now provide customers the ability to download their data for Aware. Using the same method as Filter with the ES API and Kibana, Aware data is now at users' fingertips to extract and analyze. They can generate any report imaginable, visualize it, use it for a complete picture of student wellness, and make informed decisions for student benefit.

Keyword scanning enhancements

Expanding the scope of our keyword scanning feature, we now support multi-word phrases and block them if they belong to a blocked category. Just like single-word keywords, multi-word phrases will also be blocked allowing schools even better coverage. This feature is available for DNS, SmartPac, and all Securly Extension users. 

NCMEC API integration

The NCMEC API has been integrated with our nudity scanning feature so that any images that match the NCMEC and IWF lists are reported to them immediately.

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