Release notes - Nov 2022

Aware dashboard

The Aware dashboard is part of the Filter-Aware split and provides Aware users with a dashboard that gives them a broad picture of the wellness levels of their schools. This dashboard displays the summary of student wellness levels and highlights students in critical need of attention and intervention. It also provides the flagged activity trends broken down by various parameters such as time of day, categories, URLs, and keywords. Each block of information takes the admins into a detailed view as well. Read here to get started with the Aware dashboard.


Email recall for bullying and violence

This extends the email recall functionality currently provided for nudity, to bullying and violence events. Whenever an email is flagged for bullying and/or violence it will be recalled from the receiver’s inbox and sent to the quarantine inbox indicated by the admin. Similar to nudity quarantine, this feature can also be configured by admins from the Account Settings. They can choose to set confidence levels above which emails should be quarantined. Admins will receive email alerts whenever such emails are quarantined and they can visit the designated inbox to review them. 


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