How do I use the Aware Dashboard?

The Aware dashboard is the primary interface admins interact with to get district-level and student-level information about student wellness. It enables proactive intervention by providing administrators with insights into students requiring immediate attention.

Staff members in Faculty Groups can also use the Aware dashboard, but they will only see information about students in their assigned OUs or Security Groups. This is done to protect student data privacy and make sure staff aren't overwhelmed with too much data.

Setting up the Aware Dashboard

To start using the Aware dashboard, you must map your school's Organizational units or Security Groups in Aware. You can do this via the OU mapping menu in Aware. If you are a Filter user, you can do that through the Policy Map menu. These articles will walk you through importing OUs from Google Workspace and importing OUs from Azure ADOnce your OUs are imported, you will see the complete Aware dashboard.

Using the Aware Dashboard

The Aware Dashboard provides an overview of student wellness across your whole school, categorizing students into wellness levels based on their online activity. Students who haven't displayed any concerning activity are in the All Clear wellness level. At the top of the dashboard under the Student wellness overview section, you'll see three widgets showing you how many students are in the Critical, High risk, and Concerning levels.

Clicking on "View list" on any of these widgets allows you to see a list of all students in that wellness level. Further investigation can be conducted by reviewing their flagged searches and site visits, helping you understand the factors that contributed to the decline in their wellness level.

Viewing per-student information on the Aware Dashboard

When you click "View list" on one of the wellness level cards at the top of the dashboard brings up a list of students in the wellness level.

Clicking "View on dashboard" switches the Aware dashboard from showing data on your entire school to showing data about just that one student. If you want to find a particular student, you can search for any student by name or email using the search bar just below the wellness level widgets.


Data available on the Aware Dashboard

Further down the dashboard, high-level information is displayed in the form of easy-to-consume graphs. While the dashboard displays the past week’s activity by default, you change the time frame with the selector in the upper left.

In the Flagged activity trend and distribution section, you can see data on your school's flagged activity broken down by source or category. This can help you analyze student wellness over time, and allow you to understand where to focus your student wellness efforts, such as anti-bullying and anti-self-harm programs.


Further down the page, you will find a breakdown of flagged activity by day and time of day, as well as a chart showing flagged activity during vs. after school hours, or weekday vs. weekend. This makes it easy to see patterns and see when students are most in need of help. 


At the bottom of the dashboard, you'll see Top flagged URLs and Top flagged searches/keywords.

The Securly Aware dashboard is a powerful tool that provides information at as broad or granular a level as you wish to see, empowering you to better understand student wellness at your school.

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