How do I start displaying the Visitor app in Spanish?

Spanish support for Visitor is a configurable feature and admins can choose to turn it on by navigating to Manage > Kiosk settings > Multilingual support.


Once enabled, guests will start seeing a language selector on the iPad app and can choose to check-in in Spanish. 

visitorlanguageselect.jpg       spanishsupportvisitor1.jpg

While the check-in instructions will be displayed in Spanish, the custom reasons for visit and health screening questions are not translated automatically. Admins must input these reasons and questions in Spanish for those to be displayed in the app in Spanish. Note that Spanish support will not be enabled until at least one of them is translated. 

To add translations, go to ‘Customize list of reasons for visit’ and click edit. You will see a new field for Spanish translations where you should add the translation. 

You can also choose if you want to print a badge for each of the reasons. You can toggle the switch to disable printing for a specific reason. 

Similarly, you can add Spanish translations to the health screening questions. 


That’s it, your users can now check in using Spanish.

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